Sports & Recreation

There are lots of ways to get moving at the Y!

Play your favourite sports and games, or try something new. From kids to adults, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our ultimate goal is for children, youth and families to embrace fun, healthy habits that become a lifelong practice. With an emphasis on total health in spirit, mind and body, YMCA programs promote values of caring, honesty, inclusiveness, respect, responsibility and belonging.

Our staff will get youth moving and grooving in the gym playing different games and sports with an emphasis on good sportsmanship. Activities vary week to week.


Play singles or doubles in a sport that requires and can improve aerobic stamina, agility, strength, speed and precision. Use our equipment or bring your own.

Age-appropriate, carefully supervised, and messier than a mob of monkeys in an art supply store; these classes offer a structured environment for kids to get their hands dirty while making new friends and wild creations. We’ll make projects using bubbles, paint, mud, shaving cream and more.

Spend family time being active at the Y!  Preschool climbers, a variety of bikes, balls and other fun toys are laid out for you to play with. An adult must accompany and directly supervise children at all times.

Come in for some play time with your child (ren) in a safe and secure setting.

Taking place in our program rooms we will have crafts, toys, puzzles, block play, hopscotch and more! This program requires parent attendance and supervision.

Join us in the gym for 45 minutes of fun, staff-led hockey drills and mini games. Each class starts with a 10 minute skill drill and then moves into game play. Goalie equipment is provided and goalie masks are required for safety purposes. 

Youth can participate with dry, indoor shoes only. Bare feet will not be acceptable due to safety concerns.

This activity is for shooting practice and drills. Maximums vary but top out at 12 participants and times are allotted for various age groups. Please see our schedule for details.

In this class, participants will learn karate in a safe, non-competitive environment. Our focus is on helping students achieve better fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and teamwork, while acquiring self-defence skills and having fun. Respect for oneself and others is fundamental.  Shihan Michael Den Tandt holds a sixth degree black belt (Rokudan) in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate and has been teaching martial arts in the Owen Sound area since 2007. 

Looking for a work out? Going in the pool with one of your children? Drop your little ones off in our play room to enjoy themselves and meet new friends. We have loads of toys to play with, stories to read and games to play!

Meet your friends at the Y on Friday nights for sports, crafts and games. Children ages 8-12 will also enjoy a swim (4-7 year olds and those who do not pass the swim test will get all their energy out in the gym before heading home to bed). Give parents a couple hours off while you spend time with our staff having fun! Children will be separated into age categories during the program in order to meet age-specific needs.

Program requires parent to sign children in and out. This program is included free for YMCA members, but carries the cost for non-members, to be paid at the Welcome Desk or on Active NET each visit.

Children must be signed in by 6:15 p.m.

Our gym is available for your use!  As it is a shared space, consideration must be given to various activities.  Racquet sports are not permitted unless specified.  To enjoy open gym, users must be 10 years or older, OR be accompanied by an adult.  Appropriate footwear must be worn. 

A time for parents and children to enjoy use of our gym for sports and activities together!  Parents must accompany and directly supervise children throughout this time.  Equipment available is limited to bikes, balls, nets and mats (selection may vary).

A fun racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The speed of the ball and the size of the court make this game accessible to a wider range of players. Use our equipment or bring your own. Players waiting for their turn are asked to wait in our lounge area for safety reasons.

Pickleball is a paddle sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. In this program we will concentrate on learning the basic skills required to play this sport.

For players who are well acquainted with the game of Pickleball. Proper Pickleball rules and etiquette will be followed. Equipment is available for use; you may bring your own. Players waiting for their turn are asked to wait in our lounge area for safety reasons. 

The active, energetic and inquisitive preschooler will be kept busy with a variety of activities. We believe play based learning helps children get ready for school.

Each class includes circle, story, crafts, active play. Please bring children in weather appropriate clothes as we may utilize the outdoors when possible. 

Coordination, scrimmages, sportsmanship and teamwork. Supervision is provided for all programs under 10 years old.

We are looking for experienced and beginner knitters and crocheters on Wednesday mornings to help us knit baby blankets and hats, mitts, scarves, and toques for those in need with yarn we have received from generous donors. All items created are for donation and will be distributed to those in need through our community partners. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others while giving back to your community! Yarn is supplied. Please bring your own knitting needles and crochet hooks. Members and non-members are welcome, book in advance each week on Active NET.

This activity provides participants with an opportunity to play the popular game in a safe and supervised environment. The program uses super soft balls and safety is stressed during game play. Each week players learn new variations of the game, keeping class fresh and the kids having fun. Time limits are placed on all games so participants do not sit out too long and remain active throughout the class.

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