Aquatic Activities

Jump in and discover the benefits of being active in the water.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer, at the YMCA you can gain the skills and confidence you need to stay safe and enjoy the water.

Take advantage of the activities listed below to spend fun, quality time with loved ones, help your body recover from an injury, or take time for yourself keeping active. Finish it all off with a relaxing trip to the steam room!

This time is reserved for those who wish to swim lengths of the pool. Slow, medium, fast and leisure lanes are designated. We ask that participants please swim in a loop to avoid collisions and over-crowding. During swims with reduced number of lanes, there will be no leisure lane available.

Adult open swims take place in the Leisure pool to give you time to enjoy the water without the structure of lane swims and the distraction of younger swimmers. Relax your muscles with our therapy jets or use this time for gentle exercise or physiotherapy exercises.

A time for people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of the warmer water in the leisure pool! Soothe your muscles by the jets after a workout or swim with your family and friends. Baby toys only will be available for use during this time.

Enjoy swimming as a family! Have fun with the spray water features in the leisure pool including a whale tail! Toys and equipment are available for use. Children under 18 must be accompanied in the water and directly supervised by a parent or guardian to be admitted. Our Pool Admission policy must be followed.

Everyone can enjoy the water! Have fun with the spray water features in the leisure pool. Toys and equipment are available for use. Lifeguard supervision provided. Our Pool Admission policy must be followed.

Aquatic Fitness Classes

Need to add variety to your fitness routine? Just add water!

The properties of water will bring a new dynamic to your workout. The resistance of the water strengthens your muscles as you push and pull your body through the water. While moving through the water your body weight is supported by the buoyancy of the water allows you to reduce the impact on your joints as you improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Led by trained YMCA Instructors, these classes offer a host of benefits for all fitness levels. You’ll appreciate the ability to control the intensity by modifying surface area, speed, and force of movements.

Let the water ease you. Gentle stretching, range of motion and mobility exercises for muscle or joint injuries, post-surgery recovery or arthritis. Calming music to help you relax. Enjoy our steam room afterwards!

Learn basic moves to create a whole new aquatic experience that focuses on techniques to improve posture, breathing, flexibility, core stabilization, coordination and muscular endurance using the soothing properties of the water.

Increase your cardiovascular strength, endurance, flexibility and muscle tone with the benefits of low impact exercise. Swimming skills are not required and there is no need to get your hair wet! 30 minute and 45 minute classes are available.

You are welcome to bring your baby with you to these classes! Your baby sits safely in one of our floating seats beside you in the water. Babies must be able to hold their head up and should be no older than 3 years of age. 

Excellent core strengthening (abdominals and back), in a no-impact, high endurance environment! Flotation belts are used for support.

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