Pool Admission Policy Update!

We have updated our Swim Test for Rec, Open and Family Swims. Please review our Pool Admission Requirements before you arrive for your Swim. As always, the safety and well-being of our community is our top priority. 


Swimmers must be 10 years old to swim by themselves.

Swimmers who are 6-9 years old: Must pass the swim test to swim alone OR can be accompanied in the water and directly supervised within arms’ reach by a parent/guardian who is 14 years of age or older with the following ratios of supervisors to swimmers: 1 supervisor to 4 swimmers not wearing life jackets, 1 supervisor to 8 swimmers wearing life jackets.

Swimmers who are 0-5 years old: Must be accompanied in the water and directly supervised within arms’ reach at all times by a parent or guardian 14 years of age or older regardless of swimming ability (1 supervisor to 2 swimmers).

To Swim in the Deep End of the Lane Pool: Regardless of age, swimmers must pass the swim test below to swim in the lane pool deep end during rec, open or family swims.  Lifeguards have the right to restrict deep end use according to swimming ability. Use of lifejackets or other floatation devices in the deep end is not permitted. Swimmers who pass the swim test will receive a RED wristband allowing access to the deep end. 

Swim Tests (For Rec, Open and Family Swims only): 

Lane Pool Swim Test – must be able to complete ALL of the following in order without resting:

  • Starting from the shallow end, swim 20 meters of the lane pool using a front crawl stroke or a proper breaststroke without stopping
  • Exit the pool on the side or using the ladder, jump in and submerge, then tread water for 20 seconds
  • Then swim back to the edge and get out to receive feedback/ or wristband. Red bands indicate swimmer can use both pools unaccompanied.

Leisure Pool Swim Test – beginning in water in front of the guard chair, swim around the walls of the deep end, finishing at the buoy line using a front crawl stroke without stopping. Yellow bands indicate swimmer must stay in the Leisure Pool to swim unaccompanied.

“Must See’s” – In order to pass the Swim Test a patron MUST:

  • Complete the entire distance without stopping or touching the bottom
  • Show strong forward movement with arms coming out of the water for Front Crawl
  • Swim with face in, showing ability to take breaths.

Every lifeguard has the right to revoke a wristband if they feel it is necessary for the safety of the swimmer. Lifeguards can restrict the use of the pool or any part of it at any time to any
swimmer if safety is compromised.

Check out our Guidelines and Policies page below to read more.
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