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Opportunities to Give

Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

We invite you to join us now in creating pivotal moments in people’s lives.

We’ve heard again and again that when people are able to participate at the YMCA, it brings confidence, change, empowerment and strength into their lives.  To make sure everyone can access this opportunity our YMCA offers subsidized memberships to local people in need.  Currently, more than 800 members a year receive financial assistance, made possible by generous donors who support our annual fundraising efforts.  

Provide an Opportunity 

Commit to  a three year term $1,200/year to support a family membership and offer them the lasting benefits of swimming, sports, fitness, family focused activities and quality time together.  A three year term is sought in order to ensure continuity for the family and maximize the opportunity this provides them.  Donors may choose to support as many families as they wish. 

Recognition of Donors

We are extremely grateful to our donors and acknowledge their contribution in the following ways:

Donations of up to $4,999

A personalized thank you letter and tax receipt are provided, signed by our CEO & Board President

The donor’s name appears on our annual recognition plaque in the main hallway, unless the donor has requested to remain anonymous.  The donor may also request to have their gift recognized in honour or in memory of another person.  

The donor may opt for a digital certificate acknowledging their contribution and support.

Donations of $5,000 or more in a single donation or within a three year pledge

In addition to the above recognition, the donor may opt for acknowledgement in our member newsletter, in the form of a photo and a brief statement from the donor regarding their choice to support families through the YMCA.  This type of recognition may vary slightly in order to adapt to their personal comfort level.

To discuss these and other opportunities, please see contact information below:
519.376.0484 x232