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Swimming Lessons

All YMCA memberships include 1 swimming lesson set per session. We offer swimming programs for all ages, beginning as young as 6 months. Lessons run during all of our program sessions. Class sizes are limited for safety considerations, so register early!

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons will take place at the same time during each session.

Swimming Lesson Schedule
Program Schedule
Registration Dates

Drop-in schedule in effect September 3 to June 30

Registered Program Session Dates (9 wks.)

Session A: September 16 to November 17

Session B: November 18 to February 2

Session C: February 3 to April 13

Session D: April 14 to June 15

Swimming Skills Screening ("What level do I register for?")

No charge, 15 minute sessions to determine what level to register your child for. Registration is required.

Session A August 26: 6-7pm

Session B November 3: 4-5pm

Session C January 19: 4-5pm

Session D March 30: 4-5pm

Swim Levels

Aquatic Extras

Important Lesson Information

Swim Absences

Please call 519-376-0484 ext 214 if you know your child will not be attending lessons or volunteering. We will inform your child’s Instructor.

Pool Admission Requirements

In order to ensure you are completely satisfied with your swim experience, please review our Pool Admission Requirements prior to arrival.


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