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ATTENTION: Masks are required. Mask Exempt individuals please call Customer Service at 519-376-0484 ext. 0 to discuss accommodation prior to entering the facility.

Health, Fitness & Aquatics Facility

Following the announcement by Premier Ford on February 8th that our area would be moving forward with re-opening, we are pleased to announce that our Health, Fitness & Aquatics facility reopened on Tuesday, February 16.
Our community has done an excellent job in decreasing the number of COVID cases. Our staff have consulted with our Public Health unit to ensure we are opening in the safest way possible.  As a result, we will be re-opening with the same protocols that were in place in December 2020, with additional enhancements as per the updated guidelines.
Here is some information to answer your questions:

Membership Fees

If you were a current member at the time of the December 26th lockdown, your membership fee will automatically commence upon re-opening; you will not pay for the time the Y was closed. There is no need to do anything. Your membership will be automatically restarted.
If you have not yet reactivated your membership since the March 2020 lockdown, you do not have an active membership; please call 519-376-0484 ext. 0 or email to reactivate. Please remember that your first two weeks are no charge upon this original reactivation.
We are also accepting new members! New members are welcome to call the Y at 519-376-0484 ext. 0 or email to book an appointment with our Customer Services staff to get started. 

Schedule and Hours of Operation

Based on usage patterns, we will be maintaining the same hours of operation as those prior to the recent shutdown: 
Monday-Thursday: 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 
Friday: 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 
Saturday-Sunday: 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon 
We will consider increasing our hours as more members reactivate.



Booking Classes

All activities, fitness and aquatics classes, lane swims still require booking. Activities are available to book on ACTIVE Net now, up to a week in advance. Please note that booking can only be done online or by telephone at 519-376-0484 ext. 0. Due to required enhanced safety protocols, in-person booking is not available at this time.

Live Streamed Online Classes

As part of our ongoing effort to provide services in new ways to our members, we are pleased to continue offering our online classes through our Facebook Member Group with your local YMCA Fitness Instructors. We are working towards adding more live streamed classes as well!
Please note that access to our Facebook Member Group and online classes will be restricted to active members only. If you haven’t reactivated your membership, please call Customer Service at 519-376-0484 ext. 0 or send us an email at


Swim Lessons

We’d like to thank all the parents that participated in Fall swim lessons with their child! You not only helped keep your child safe, but your involvement sped up your child’s learning and we saw very positive progress! 
Going forward, swim lessons will be starting April 5th. This time allows our staff to receive up to date training and will help us gauge whether or not we need additional safety protocols. Thank you for your patience!

COVID-19 Safety

Before we closed on Dec 26, 2020, our YMCA did an excellent job keeping staff and members safe from COVID-19. From our re-start in August 2020, until we closed for a second time on December 26, we had 28,556 visits to our YMCA and zero cases of COVID-19 linked to our facility. We attribute this success is to our high standard of cleanliness and safety protocols put in place as well as the excellent adherence to safety protocols by our members and staff. We pride ourselves in delivering a safe fitness environment and look forward to welcoming our members back next week! 
Returning to exercise at your YMCA will support not only a healthy body but a healthy mind and spirit. The pandemic has placed many stresses upon our lives, and our YMCA provides a safe environment to reconnect with friends and staff while improving your overall health and wellbeing. We all need to find a safe way to continue on with our lives, and our YMCA is dedicated to supporting our members in doing that. 
It is imperative that we do not let our guard down with the end of the lockdown. Our staff have given thoughtful consideration on how to enhance our existing protocols and we will be implementing the following upon opening: 
Updated Safety Protocols February 2021:


Pool Protocols

Eating & Drinking

Socializing & Congregating

Change Rooms

Parents & Guardians

Hoops Shoot Around

General Reminders

Please visit our website for more details on safety protocols.


All our child care programs are open, subject to COVID-19 protocols as determined by public health and government officials. Please visit the link below to learn more.


All Community Initiatives, Settlement Services and Employment Services will continue to be available remotely for continued community support. 

Individuals requiring services may contact staff via the following methods:
Community Initiatives: 519-371-9230 Ext 5
Settlement Services: 519-371-9222 Ext 6
Employment Services: 519-371-9222 Ext 6 (Owen Sound) or 519-364-3163 (Hanover)

Your YMCA remains committed to supporting our communities despite the pandemic. As any further information becomes available, we will let you know. 

Thank you from your Family YMCA!

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