COVID-19 Information

Vaccine Requirement Policy

The YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce is committed to building healthy communities. In keeping with the government’s vaccination requirement for specific settings, and to ensure the health and safety of our staff, members, visitors, and community members, we will be following the government’s mandate and asking applicable individuals accessing our facility to provide proof of vaccination.

  1. Individuals to access the YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce are required to provide proof of vaccination commencing September 22, 2021.  Members and visitors must bring proof of being fully vaccinated via vaccination receipt as provided by an appropriate health authority (i.e. the Ontario Ministry of Health).
  2. The YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce will not be retaining proof of vaccination receipts. We are working on a process to have verification of vaccination added to your membership card; this will be noted by “meets entrance requirements.” The YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce will not be retaining proof of vaccination receipts.
  3. Parents and guardians must meet vaccination requirements to access the facility, including to assist children requiring adult accompaniment (i.e. swim lessons). Parents and guardians that are unable to provide proof of vaccination will not be permitted in the YMCA. To avoid inconvenience and disappointment, please ensure an individual that meets vaccination requirements accompanies your child.
  4. Individuals that are exempt from vaccination based on grounds covered by the Ontario Human Rights Code are asked to contact us at before attending the facility. Accommodation could include virtual offerings, outdoor offerings, or other program alternatives. Please see the attached letter from the Medical Officer of Health for the Grey Bruce Health Unit.
  5. We are in process of developing a vaccination policy related to YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce staff working at the Health, Fitness & Aquatics facility and will be communicating our policy with our members upon finalization and communication to staff.

If you have concerns with the Ontario government’s vaccination requirements for certain businesses and settings coming into effect September 22, 2021, please address these with the appropriate parties (i.e., your local Member of Provincial Parliament, the Ontario Ministry of Health, etc.). 

Abuse of any kind towards members of our staff will not be tolerated and will result in membership privileges being suspended. 

Our goal is to safely serve communities in program settings that meet, and in some cases exceed, public-health requirements for infection prevention, and control. We have adjusted our protocols along the way, based on shifting conditions and evolving guidance from governments and public-health authorities. Our new COVID-19 vaccine requirement policy coincides with the Ontario government’s announcement of its vaccine certificate policy.

Our members have been crucial in how far we’ve come in the fight against COVID-19. Your adherence to the new conditions and protocols has allowed us to open and operate safely to this point. The concerning rise in the number of COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant, however, threatens the progress we have all made in responding to the pandemic. As we consider the vulnerable communities we serve and the presence of children in our centres – many of whom are too young to be vaccinated – we must do everything we can to protect their health and safety.

Health, Fitness & Aquatics Facility

The health and safety of our members, staff and participants is of utmost importance. We are following all regulations and guidelines from our government and Public Health officials to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These protocols may be adjusted or changed according to Public Health Regulations or YMCA Protocols.

Safety measures in our Health, Fitness & Aquatics Centre include:

  • As of September 22, 2021, all YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce Health, Fitness & Aquatics members and visitors who are 12 years and older will be required to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine series.
  • All staff, volunteers, members and the public are to self-screen before entering the facility.
  • Numbers of members accessing the facility will be monitored to ensure we are staying within the limit in our pool and our conditioning centre/weight training pods as per Public Health.
  • All pool activities, gymnasium activities and fitness classes require booking of time slots. Use of the Fitness Centre does not require booking.
  • To promote physical distancing, we have modified the layout to ensure equipment is at least two meters apart, or three meters for high intensity cardio machines.
  • We have signage and floor markers to indicate appropriate physical distancing space and directional flow for walking traffic.
  • Installed touchless water dispensers to eliminate a high-touch area.
  • We have installed plexiglass barriers at the Welcome Desk and Fitness Centre Desk to support physical distancing.
  • Staff will wear masks in the public areas of the facility and whenever the 2-meter distance can’t maintained.
  • Members are required to wear a mask when indoors at the Y, except when participating in high-intensity exercise. See more mask details below.
  • Fogging of our building to disinfect large surfaces, including our Gymnasium. Learn more below

Fogging Machine and Cleaning

We have heard some concern over the cleaning products used here at the Y. We haven’t changed the cleaning products we use, but we have increased our cleaning schedules. Members are also being more diligent with cleaning equipment and surfaces they touch (we really appreciate this!).

Our facility uses recommended Merv 8 filters in our air handling units. Our open concept, spacious building with high ceilings provides a large volume of air which allows for good air dispersal and ventilation. Each building zone has its own air handling unit. We maximize fresh air exchange to provide high quality interior air. All of our air handling units are regularly serviced by qualified local technicians.

Our fogging machine uses electrolyzed water (low levels of electricity, common salt and ordinary tap water) to disinfect the air and surfaces without using hazardous chemicals.

We introduced the fogging machine after careful research and consideration to ensure it is effective and safe for our staff and members. You can learn more about the fogging machine here.

For details on the cleaning products we use, or maintenance of the facility, feel free to reach out to our Manager; Facilities, Nic Hayne at

  • Masks are required whenever you are in the facility, including when walking between workout areas, in corridors, in change rooms and in viewing areas.
  • Members with a medical mask exemption are asked to call our Customer Service team at 519-376-0484 ext. 0 before entering the facility to discuss accommodations.
  • Members are encouraged to wear their mask when taking part in low-intensity exercise. For example, when using the walking track, strength training, Tai Chi or stretching. This is not a requirement but a recommendation to assist in keeping yourself, other members and our staff safe.
  • Masks are required when playing racquet sports and Hoops Shoot Around.
  • Masks are not required for intense cardio exercise at this time or for exercising in the pool. However, there is no scientific reason to prevent members from wearing a mask during intense cardio exercise. Please speak with staff to find out more.

Masks and the Pool:

  • Please wear your mask onto the pool deck and place on a hook while in the pool. After getting out of the pool, please dry your face immediately and replace your mask to walk to the change room.
  • After showering, please dry your face immediately and replace your mask.
  • When eating or drinking, please ensure you are at least 2 meters away from the nearest person and replace your mask immediately when finished. Please consider take-out rather than sitting at the tables.
  • Please socialize outside, at a distance wearing your mask. Physical distancing must be maintained in all spaces at the YMCA, including the change rooms, hallways, stairs and entrances. Please keep moving so we can accommodate as many members as safely as possible.
  • To maintain physical distancing at the Welcome Desk and to prevent congregating, members may book their space in a class or in the pool either online or by telephone at 519-376-0484 ext. 0.  Customer Service staff will not be taking in-person bookings at the Welcome Desk at this time.
  • Please order takeaway food from Sisters in advance by calling 226-664-6616.
  • We ask that members spread out between the adult, youth and family change rooms at busy times. Maintaining a minimum of 2 meters distance between members at all times is key. If a change room is busy, please go to a different one or remain outside until space is available.
  • Participants in Aquatics programs with high usage may be assigned to change rooms as part of our enhanced safety protocols.
  • Please spend as little time as possible in the change rooms. Arrive just before the start of your class, dressed to participate. If you can shower at home, please do so.
  • Steam Rooms are open in the Women’s and Men’s change rooms. A maximum of 2 people are allowed to use a steam room at once. Maintain maximum physical distance by sitting in the far corners and please sit on a towel. Masks are not required but please put your mask back on as soon as you exit the steam room.
  • Please do not bring your child(ren) to the Y if you or your child is feeling unwell. If your child was home from school, please do not attend your activity until they’re symptom free.
  • Parents and guardians that are YMCA members are encouraged to utilize the time their children are in a supervised program for “me time” to reduce the number of spectators. If you are a member, please consider working out while your child(ren) is in program.
  • Parents and guardians that are YMCA members must sign-in to view children’s activities from within the YMCA. Space is limited to the number of physically-distanced seats provided. Spectators are required to wear a mask and maintain physical distance of at least 2 metres at all times.
  • Parents and guardians that are not YMCA members may view children’s activities in the café area. Space is limited to the number of physically-distanced seats available. Spectators are required to wear a mask and maintain physical distance of at least 2 metres at all times.

Please keep in mind these additional measures that must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety:

  1. Get your Y membership card out. Members must scan their card at the desk. If you cannot find your card, please email Customer Service at or call 519-376-0484 and press “0” to leave a message so we can print a new card for you and have it ready when you arrive. NOTE: Members must have their card or one waiting for them to access the Y. Please ensure you have received confirmation your card will be ready before attending the facility.
  2. Get out your face mask. Everyone is required to wear a mask indoors at the Y, except when exercising.
  3. Change rooms and showers are available. Pool users are encouraged to shower at home just before attending the Y and then again at home after their swim.
  4. As a reminder, only clean indoor shoes are permitted in the conditioning centre/weight training areas. Please ensure you change into your indoor shoes before going upstairs.
  5. Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the pool deck, so please ensure you remove your shoes before entering the pool area or bring a pair of indoor flip-flops.
  6. You are welcome to bring and keep a small bag with you to hold your clean indoor shoes, membership card, mask, and water bottle

All aquatics programs will require pre-booking due to capacity restrictions. To reserve a spot, please book online via ACTIVE Net or call 519-376-0484 ext. 0. Classes may be booked one week in advance with a maximum of two lane swims per week.

If you are unable to reach a Customer Service Representative, please leave a message in the general mailbox. Please choose one method of contact. Multiple messages are not necessary.

AQUAFIT PARTICIPANTS: When booking for an Aquafit class, please ensure you specify if you require a space in the leisure or lane pool, shallow or deep end.


  • Each member must bring their own towel.
  • All members are encouraged to arrive freshly showered and product-free. No deodorant, hair products, makeup, aftershave etc. Change rooms and showers are available but could be busy during peak times.
  • Everyone MUST remain 2 meters away from each other, including in change rooms. Belongings can be left in the change room. Please wear your mask until you’re on the pool deck, it can be hung on a hook there.
  • Members must stay at their designated spot until given permission to enter the water.
  • There is to be NO physical contact between members (no high 5’s, hugs, or sharing of any equipment).
  • Lane Swimmers: Each swimmer MUST swim in the middle of their lane. It is preferred participants bring their own equipment if possible.
  • Aquafit Participants: Each swimmer MUST always remain in their assigned space.
  • Swim caps should be left on until you have left the water, do not remove them while still in the water.
  • Members need to put their masks back on as soon as they dry their face.
  • There are cleaning cloths and sanitizer available for those who want to clean before using the facilities.
  • There are sanitizer stations available on the pool deck for members’ use.
  • If you need to use YMCA equipment, please place it in a mesh bag at the end of your swim on your way to exit door.
  • If there is any first aid that is required during your swim time, we will take every precaution to keep yourself and our staff safe.

Fitness Class Bookings

Fitness classes are taking place in the Gymnasium to ensure physical distancing can be maintained. To reserve a spot for fitness classes please book through ACTIVE Net or call 519-376-0484 ext. 0. When booking a class on the phone, please ensure you specify the class, date and time you are booking. Classes may be booked one week in advance only.

If you are unable to reach a Customer Service Representative, please leave a message in the general mailbox. Please choose one method of contact. Multiple messages are not necessary.

Fitness Centre

Pre-booking is not required for the Conditioning Centre/Weight Training area. However, please leave the workout area promptly when you are finished to give other members their time to work out.

  • Each member MUST bring their OWN sweat towel to use.
  • Each member is permitted to keep a small bag with their belongings with them in the conditioning centre/weight training area.
  • Members follow directional signage to help ensure physical distancing.
  • The elevator will be available for those members that require it however we do ask that only one member use the elevator at a time to ensure physical distancing.
  • The 2 meter distancing must be followed at all times.
  • Members MUST wear a mask until they are ready to exercise, and must re-mask when moving about the facility.
  • Members MUST clean their equipment before and after use using the cleaning cloths and sanitizing spray provided. Please discard used sanitizing cloths in the receptacles provided.
  • There is to be NO physical contact with each other (no high 5’s, hugs, spotting or sharing of any equipment).
  • The two washrooms on the second floor are available. Cleaning cloths and sanitizer are available for those wanting to clean before using the facilities.
  • There are several sanitizer stations available in the Fitness Centre. Once your workout is over, please gather all your belongings and exit using the north side of the stairs or the elevator if required.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer again as you are leaving.
  • If there is any first aid required during your visit, we will take every precaution to keep yourself and our staff safe.


Due to physical distancing requirements our previous stretch areas now contain equipment. We have provided a small stretch area on the southeast side of the track along the east windows and half of the Cycle Studio as marked. Members are encouraged to bring their own stretch mats, as mats have limited availability.

Child Care and Camps

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Ontario and we are following all Provincial orders. We’re also working closely with our Public Health unit to ensure the safety of all our staff and families that attend our child care or camps. Current updates for these programs will be posted on our social media and website home page.

Currently, all our Child Care programs are operating with COVID-19 safety protocols in place; learn more by visiting the Child Care section of our website.

We will post current information about Day Camps and our overnight Presqu’ile Camp as they become available. We are moving forward with planning for March Break and Summer Camps. Although they may look different this year, as they did last year, we’re hopeful that these camps will be able to run.

Community Initiatives, Employment Services, and Settlement Services

Although offices are closed to the public, these services continue to operate remotely using phone, text, email, and virtual options. Visit the Employment Services, Community Initiatives or Settlement Services sections of our website to learn more and connect with an advisor.

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