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Health, Fitness & Aquatics


Whether you're interested in our fitness centre or pools, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Orientations are are led by our knowledgeable staff, providing you with the support you need to achieve your goals. 

To book an orientation, call our Fitness Staff at 519-376-0484 ext 208 or email 

Free for Members | Members Only
Looking for a basic strength and conditioning program to start your training, add variety, or refresh your last program?  A Fitness Programmer will work with you to create a strength and conditioning Fitness Essentials Program customized specifically to help you reach your goals! 1 person per time slot only.

SMART START: CARDIO or STRENGTH (30 min to 1 hr)  
Free for Members | Public: $30
Become familiar with our equipment – cardio, strength, or both in this Fitness Centre Orientation!  Learn how to safely and effectively use our cardio equipment (treadmills, rowers, bikes, ARC trainer, etc.); or our Strength equipment (weight machines and free weight training area).  We will review the schedule and help you find a time/program that works! Note: Specify type of orientation at time of booking. Orientations may be booked with a friend, but both people must be receiving the same type of orientation.

Free for Members | Public: $30   
Keep fit as a family!  Children ages 8-15years may workout accompanied and directly supervised by an adult (1 adult 18yrs+ to 2 children) after completing this orientation session.  Our staff will show appropriate exercises for both you & your child, proper equipment use and safety, and discuss gym etiquette. Only participating members receive a toe tag granting future accompanied access to our fitness centre. Note: children 12-15yrs must complete our Strength Training: Teen program to gain unaccompanied access to our Fitness Centre.

GRAVITY and/or TRX (30 min to 1 hr)
Free for Members | Public: $20         
Receive a guided introduction to our popular Gravity machine and/or our TRX system, led by one of our Fitness Staff. Combined Gravity/TRX orientation will take 1 hour.

Gravity: Learn how to adjust the Gravity machine for different types of exercises and leave confident in your ability to use the machine in a class or on your own.

TRX: Gain a better understanding on this specialized form of suspension training that targets your whole body using your own bodyweight and leave confident in your ability to use this system in a class or on your own.

Free for Members | Public: $20 
Looking to give our pools a try but aren’t sure where to start?  One of our Aquatic Staff will walk you through the change rooms to the pools and can answer any questions you may have coming in.  We will review the pool schedule and help you find a time/program that works! 

FROM POOL TO FITNESS CENTRE (1 hr)             
Free for Members | Members Only
Familiar with the pool and ready to make a move to our Fitness Centre to enhance your fitness routine?  Join one of our Aquatic Staff in a group Fitness Centre orientation session with a Fitness Programmer to introduce you to the equipment and programs available. 


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