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Child and Teen Registered Programs

A healthy routine is important for everyone. At the YMCA we offer a number of registered programs for youth to make fitness and fun part of every week.  

We have a variety of programs for young people that focus on fun while establishing healthy habits that will be with them for life. Though many of our programs are drop-in, we do have some that require participants to be registered in advance.  Please note that the youth-oriented registered programs listed here do not include the many options available in the pools, such as Swimming Lessons and Lifesaving Sport. If you are interested in Aquatics programming, explore this section

Some registered programs carry a fee, though many are included free with your membership.  These programs are often open to non-members as well, so you can immerse yourself in our community by trying a class without committing to a full membership. 

All of the programs listed below require you to be registered through YMCA Member Services before attending the first class.  Space may be limited and tends to fill up quickly; please be aware of Registration Dates and register early to avoid disappointment. 

Registered Programs for Children and Teens

Please see the Program Schedule for class dates and times.

Gym & Swim (3 - 5 yrs)
Enjoy a half hour each of songs & games, craft time and swimming instruction with qualified Swim Instructors. 

Kung Fu Fundamentals  (Members only; multiple times available; 5 - 6 yrs or 7 - 12 yrs)
Hung gar Kung Fu is a practical, traditional form of martial arts that not only educates an effective and efficient style of self defense, but also history, philosophy and ethics. Sesu Trevor Uitvlugt instructing.

Strength Training  (Members only)
Receive guidance from staff on how to begin or improve your workout with muscle conditioning . Focus on proper technique and safety with your goals in mind. Options Available: Strength Training: Girls (ages 12-16), Strength Training: Youth (ages 10-12), Strength Training: Teen (ages 12-15, a 4 week program; successful participants receive a toe tag allowing unaccompanied access to our Conditioning Centre), Strength Training: Teen (advanced, must have completed Strength Training: Teen)

Yoga (Youth 7 - 13 yrs)
Yoga means union, a coming together of mind, body and spirit. This class teaches yoga postures and breathing techniques and brings the benefits yoga can provide to anyone: flexibility, strength, concentration and more. It's a great way to establish healthy habits aimed at relieving stress early on in a young person's life. No experience necessary. 

Registered Extras 

Babysitting Certification (12 yrs.+):
A certification course that teaches babysitters about accident prevention, basics in first aid, infant and child care, as well as games and activities to play with children. Runs on PD Days. LEARN MORE >>

PD Day Programs 
Spend your time with us – we always have tons of fun!  Programs are scheduled to run on School Board Professional Activity Days and are geared for children ages 4 years old in JK to 12 years old.  Activities include crafts, games, and outside play!  Advanced registration is required. Subsidy is available. LEARN MORE >>

Lifesaving Sport
Youth can join the Lifesaving Club of Owen Sound and learn about this awesome international sport, develop their lifesaving skills, participate in competitions, and more.  LEARN MORE >>

Aquatic Leadership Courses
These advanced courses are perfect for youth looking to challenge themselves and build valuable skills which could lead to future employment at facilities like our YMCA. LEARN MORE >>