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Adult Registered Fitness Programs

We've got a little something for everyone.

The YMCA of Owen Sound Grey Bruce offers programs for adults and seniors that improve overall health and wellness; designed to offer caring support networks, encourage personal growth and promote fun and friendship. Though many of our programs are drop-in, we do have some that require participants to be registered in advance.   

Please note that all of the programs listed below require you to be registered through YMCA Member Services before attending the first class.  Space may be limited and tends to fill up quickly; please be aware of Registration Dates and register early to avoid disappointment. 

Registered Adult Fitness Programs 

Please check the Program Schedule for class dates and times. 

Strength Training (Members Only) 
The focus of this 6 week course is on putting what you have learned into building a new routine of physical activity including proper posture, form and execution of movement with our helpful staff assisting you along the way towards reaching your goal. The course will also introduce new exercises, focus on free weights and everything else our facility has to offer.
Options Available: Strength Training: Women, Strength Training: 55+

Small Group Training (Members Only) 
Great opportunities to meet new people, learn new things, motivate yourself and work out as a group. New classes each session. 
Options Available: Creating Balance, Strength Training: Women, Strength Training, Use It or Lose It

Triathlon (Members Only) 
This is a triathlon based training program that incorporates drills focusing on the three components - swim, bike and run. At the end of the session will be a fun mock triathlon with prizes to be won! No experience is necessary; just a willingness to have fun and push yourself!

Tai Chi (Members Only)
This ancient practise is a series of 108 slow, graceful movements developed in the 12th century by a Taoist monk. All at the same time, it is a health exercise, a method of meditation and a martial art. Here we will emphasize the health aspects of this art. The movements are specially designed to relieve stress and fatigue while developing strength, flexibility and concentration. Participants will learn small portions of the set each class until the complete set is learned.  

At our YMCA we offer Tai Chi 1 for beginners; Tai Chi 2 for members part way through learning set of 108 moves; and Tai Chi 3 for those who have learned the full set of moves.